Dendritic Agate triquetra talisman
dendritic agate triquetra pendant
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Dendritic Agate Triquetra

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This sterling silver charm pendant is full of symbolism to keep the wearer feeling content. Dendritic agate is known for bringing abundance and clarity, and the triquetra underneath is a talisman of unity in the sacred three, be that body, mind and spirit; maiden, mother and crone; or air, earth, and water. 

This talisman is 1" tall and comes with a delicate 18" sterling silver flat cable chain, as shown in the second photo. 

All the jewelry from CrowTotemArts is handcrafted in my studio and created from designs drawn in my sketchbook. You can follow me on Instagram @Brandys_CrowTotem. Each item is hand made and unique. Gemstones and silver can be damaged by household cleaners, lotions, or physical stress. Patinas may be damaged by commercial jewelry dips or salt water.  Like all artisan jewelry, please handle with care. 

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