About the Artist

Hi! I'm glad you're here. I’m Brandy, the artist & silversmith behind Crow Totem Arts. I grew up overseas as a tck (third culture kid)—and I lived like a local, exposed to a variety of cultures, religions and world views. I love mythology and rituals and even as a child researched tons of gods, totems and symbols from all around the globe. 

I’ve been making art for over 20 years. I have a BFA in Studio Arts, where I learned all the foundations; drawing, painting, smithing, ceramics...but I loved to deep dive into the meaning of art. So I got a MFA in Art Photography and became an art professor. Somewhere along the way I focused so much on being a photographer I forgot about my other skills...so I started picking up old practices—specifically illustration and metal art. 

Setting the intention to create work that harmonizes the different influences on my art practice, Crow Totem Arts has been created. The jewelry’s meaning comes from years of research and understanding of mythology/symbolism, the designs all come from my own illustrations, the stones chosen with awareness of their properties, and the metal is sawed, torched and finished by hand. Each one is uniquely handmade.

Connect with me!
Instagram: @brandys_Crowtotem
Ello: @b_worsfold
Art Portfolio: http://brandyworsfold.com